Rabbi Eliyahu Reingold

Rav Eliyahu Reingold, Rosh Kollel in the Yeshiva of Greater Washington, spent many years learning in the Telshe Yeshiva and Kollel where he was recognized as one of their foremost talmidim. He taught in the Telshe Mechina before coming to the Yeshiva of Greater Washington. He is a noted Baal Halacha and Baal Mussar, serving as a well-respected posek for the Yeshiva and community. Besides his responsibility in leading the Kollel, he delivers a high level shiur to advanced students, and provides many halacha shiurim throughout the year. His heartfelt weekly mussar shmuess in an inspiration to all.
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Nedarim 90b-91a Masechta Nedarim 42 min
Nedarim 91a-b Masechta Nedarim 32 min
Nazir 02a Masechta Nazir 34 min
Nazir 02b Masechta Nazir 36 min
Nazir 03a Masechta Nazir 40 min
Nazir 03b Masechta Nazir 35 min
Nazir 04a Masechta Nazir 48 min
Nazir 04b Masechta Nazir 33 min
Nazir 05a Masechta Nazir 38 min
Nazir 05b Masechta Nazir 36 min
Nazir 06a Masechta Nazir 31 min
Nazir 06b Masechta Nazir 46 min
Nazir 07a Masechta Nazir 27 min
Nazir 07b Masechta Nazir 36 min
Nazir 08a Masechta Nazir 39 min
Nazir 08b (1) Masechta Nazir 10 min
Nazir 08b (2) Masechta Nazir 24 min
Nazir 09a (1) Masechta Nazir 15 min
Nazir 09a (2) Masechta Nazir 21 min
Nazir 09b Masechta Nazir 40 min
Nazir 10a Masechta Nazir 36 min
Nazir 10b Masechta Nazir 40 min
Aizehu Neshech Chaburah 01-Pesika Al hashaar; Mi Shepara 1 Masechta Bava Metzia 46 min
Aizehu Neshech Chaburah 02-Pesika Al hashaar, Yesh lo, and Mozil Gabeih 2 Masechta Bava Metzia 57 min
Aizehu Neshech Chaburah 03-Marbin Al Haschar 1 Masechta Bava Metzia 50 min