Rabbi Paysach Krohn

Rabbi Paysach Krohn (born January 29, 1945, Tu Bishvat) is a Rav, mohel, author, and lecturer on topics related to ethics and spiritual growth. He is the author of the bestselling "Maggid" series of books for ArtScroll, inspired by the stories of Rabbi Sholom Schwadron, who was known as the "Maggid of Jerusalem". He also authored a seminal work on brit milah (religious circumcision), also published by ArtScroll. (Bio adapted from Wikipedia)
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The Challenge of Change Mussar 72 min
The Essence of Life and How the Chofetz Chaim Viewed the World Mussar 30 min
Unity In Klal Yisrael Mussar 44 min
Unity in the Community Machshava 40 min
Gaining Strength and Bitachon in Difficult Times Bitachon 73 min
Reflections on 9-11 - Emunah & Bitochon in Difficult Times Bitachon 32 min
Stress Management Bitachon 79 min
Attitudes and Attitudes – Achieving Meaning and Happiness Chizuk 30 min
Enhancing Your Life with Enthusiasm Chizuk 70 min
Inspiration that can change your life Chizuk 73 min
Let's grow Together Chizuk 118 min
Reaching Heights in our Trip through Life Chizuk 41 min
Rebuilding the Mikdash Within Chizuk 65 min
Reigniting the Inner Flame Chizuk 97 min
Achieving Simcha Amidst Sorrow Nisyonos 54 min
Coping in Challenging Times Nisyonos 67 min
Coping With Tragedy: How Do We Heal and Feel Simcha Ever Again Nisyonos 71 min
Surviving in Times of Struggle Nisyonos 67 min
Important ideas when working in kiruv Kiruv 101 min
Kiruv - The Mitzvah of the Generation Kiruv 62 min
The Secret Behind Your Jewish Name Kiruv 69 min
Mashiachs Birth Pangs 02-05-11 Moshiach 61 min
The Making of a Speech Philosophy 53 min
The Power of a Jewish Name Philosophy 56 min
Shidduchim Crisis – There are Solutions Dating 74 min