Today's Learning is dedicated as a Refuah Shelemah
for all those affected by the COVID19 Virus


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Becoming a Lawyer and Al Ta'as Azmecha K'Orchei Hadayanim Rabbi Yona Reiss 68 min
Beis Din adjudicating laws of theft Rabbi Yona Reiss 69 min
Can An Ethical Jew be a Lawyer Rabbi Yona Reiss 43 min
Can Semikha Be Revoked Rabbi Yona Reiss 59 min
Child Custody Rabbi Yona Reiss 78 min
Conflicts of Interest in Judicial Proceedings Rabbi Yona Reiss 60 min
Contemporary Aspects of the Kesuba Rabbi Yona Reiss 104 min
Dividing assets in divorce proceedings Rabbi Yona Reiss 81 min
Halachos of Broken Engagements Rabbi Yona Reiss 84 min
Liability in Marriage Rabbi Yona Reiss 66 min
Litigating Outside of Beis Din Rabbi Yona Reiss 63 min
Monetary agreements between couples Rabbi Yona Reiss 74 min
The Issur of going to Secular Courts Rabbi Yona Reiss 87 min
The Power and Limitations of Jewish Justice Rabbi Yona Reiss 32 min
The Timing of a Get Rabbi Yona Reiss 86 min
Understanding the Contemporary Agunah Problem and a Review of Solutions Rabbi Yona Reiss 28 min
Yibum V'Chalitza B'Zman HaZeh Rabbi Yona Reiss 65 min
Jokes and Accidents in Tort Law Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 62 min
01 - Brachos on Foods - Pas Habaah Bekisnin - 1 Rabbi Dovid Rosenbaum 5 min
01 - Halachos of Mezuzah - The Mitzvah Rabbi Dovid Rosenbaum 4 min
01 - Halachos of Traveling - Tefillas HaDerech 1 Rabbi Dovid Rosenbaum 4 min
01 - Hilchos Sukkah - Message of the Sukkah Rabbi Dovid Rosenbaum 4 min
01 - Kiddush - The Source of the Obligation Rabbi Dovid Rosenbaum 5 min
01 - Washing for Bread, Reason for the Law Rabbi Dovid Rosenbaum 4 min
01 -The Source for Tevlilas Keilim Rabbi Dovid Rosenbaum 4 min