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2318Chullin10- I thought the knife was good, but now it has a nick Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 10 min
2319Chullin11- Rov-Majority, and Chazaka-Retaining Status Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 14 min
2320Chullin12- Shechita does not require Shechita or intent, but monkey or robot would not be Kosher Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 11 min
2321Chullin13- Not likely that he really meant it as idol worship, so it is permitted in benefit Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 12 min
2322Chullin14- Can a Shechita done on Shabbos be valid Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 11 min
2323Chullin15- The hand sickle has a good side and a bad side- The reed was detached, but is now attached Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 10 min
2324Chullin16- Considering a bicycle generated Shechita Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 12 min
2325Chullin17- Checking the Knife for Shechita Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 14 min
2326Chullin18- Rav and Shmuel held that only the top ring was the place for Kosher Shechita Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 13 min
2327Chullin19- Contrasting Shechita and Melika- May one do Shechita from the side Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 9 min
2328Chullin20- The severed neckbone, and the brain-death debate Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 10 min
2329Chullin21- The neck-bone injury of Eli, brain-death discussions Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 8 min
2330Chullin22- Differences between the dove and turtledove- The color yellow Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 13 min
2331Chullin23- What is the status of Palgas, the male sheep in its 13th month- Kushya is not the same as Tiyuvta Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 11 min
2332Chullin24- The 3 to 5 year plan for success Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 11 min
2333Chullin25- Differences in Tumah between earthenware, metal, and wood Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 9 min
2334Chullin26- Are these age brackets of a woman mutually exclusive, or is there overlap Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 12 min
2335Chullin27- Shechita Basics, how much should be cut by an animal or by a bird Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 7 min
2336Chullin28- Rabbi Yehuda requires that the Veridin be cut at the time of Shechita Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 12 min
2337Chullin29- The entire process of Shechita must be Kosher Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 14 min
2338Chullin30- The method of cutting for Shechita requires a certain type of knife, and a certain length Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 7 min
2339Chullin31- Shechita needs your strength, but can be Kosher without intent Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 10 min
2340Chullin32- Shehiya, a delay in the Shechita Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 10 min
2341Chullin33- When would unwashed hands make a difference by Chullin Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 12 min
2342Chullin34- A person in level 3 can touch but not eat, part one Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 6 min