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2198Zevachim118- How long did the Mishkan-Beis Hamikdash stand Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 7 min
2199Zevachim119- How could Manoach bring a Korban outside Mishkan Shiloh Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 10 min
2200Zevachim120- The Prohibitions of Bamah- Can a Korban be brought at night Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 10 min
2201Menachos2- The Four Steps of a Mincha Offering Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 9 min
2202Menachos3- Rabbi Shimon says the bystander can tell, so it retains its status Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 10 min
2203Menachos4- What is the source that the Mincha of the Sotah cannot morph to a voluntary Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 9 min
2204Menachos5- The Minchas Omer is different, it is brought from barley Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 12 min
2205Menachos6- Kemitza by a non-Kohein invalidates- it isn't all about money Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 14 min
2206Menachos7- Avimi went to his student Rav Chisda to learn- Rules of a vessel on the floor of the Beis Hamikdash Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 11 min
2207Menachos8- The Kodesh works for Shechita of a Shelamim, and eating too Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 9 min
2208Menachos9- Can the missing flour of oil simply be replaced Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 9 min
2209Menachos10- How is Kemitza done Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 7 min
2210Menachos11- What was he thinking at the critical moment- unique, or obvious Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 12 min
2211Menachos12- Edible and Burnable don't join- what about food and drink Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 12 min
2212Menachos13- Relationship of Kometz and Livona in Pigul Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 9 min
2213Menachos14- Two loaves of Shavuos- What is the Halacha on the second, if wrong intent or Tumah on the first Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 8 min
2214Menachos15- An intent regarding the animal will affect the bread, Todah and Shavuos Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 7 min
2215Menachos16- Intent by both parts of the Matir Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 5 min
2216Menachos17- Intent from human consumption to the consumption of the Mizbeiach- Rabbi Elazar argues Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 9 min
2217Menachos18- Passive Pigul and an avid student Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 13 min
2218Menachos19- Are all steps absolutely necessary Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 9 min
2219Menachos20- Do wood offerings, and blood, need to be salted Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 12 min
2220Menachos21- What is the status of dripping blood- Chatzitza for hand-washing or for Mikva Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 11 min
2221Menachos22- Mixed Kometz- Mixed Blood Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 7 min
2222Menachos23 redone- The part not meant to be burnt, is not supposed to be burnt Rabbi Mordechai Rhine 13 min